A downloadable game for Windows and Linux


Quadball is a 2D strategy/tactics shooter game where the aim is teamwork and tactical decisions. You play as a triangular tank in a world with manifold items and structures. There are many game modes to play in, each offering a different experience. Each battle is different because you never know what tactical decisions your enemy makes, or what your team is up to. Especially the multiplayer will offer tactical highlights in the game experience.
The game utilizes the CEngine, which runs on Windows and Linux operating systems using OpenGL and native window systems. It is released under the 4-clause BSD License.

*** Latest version ***
0.1 (Alpha)

*** Upcoming release(s) ***
Linux server releases, win64 package


  • Team as well as solo gameplay
  • Several varied game modes
  • Focus on tactics and strategy
  • Create your own maps with the editor
  • Online multiplayer and offline singleplayer
  • Cross-platform

Install instructions

Please read the readme.txt provided with the release package. Visit http://sourceforge.net/p/quadball/discussion/ to ask or report issues. Thank you and enjoy!


Quadball_linux32_0.1.tar.gz 2 MB
Quadball_linux64_0.1.tar.gz 2 MB
Quadball_win32_0.1.zip 2 MB
Server_win32_0.1.zip 162 kB